Electro.STOP Productions

Electro.STOP Productions
Type Non Profit
Genre Music
Foundation July 24, 2011
Key people

UJM (designer, donor, music)

Miss-Amane (artist, designer, music)

Location Southern New Hampshire, USA
Area served N/A
Industry Software, Internet
  • Free Music
  • E.S Voice Bank Downloads
  • Online community
  • Juni Ginkuro
  • Kai Kashine
  • Misaki Bodou
  • Model Pending**
  • Shizuka Katone
  • Aleta
  • Aine
  • Raiden Akihiko
  • Model Pending**
  • Amaya Koumori
  • Aiko Sukoshine
  • CC
  • E.S13
  • Model Pending**
  • E.S15
Link(s) Electro.STOP Webpage

Electro.STOP Productions is a Utauloid Production studio that is currently active and still working on [[|songs]], music, and new upcomming Utauloid releases.


'Electro.STOP' was started on July 24,2011 with the design release of thier first Utauloid model; E.S1 Juni Ginkuro. There after E.S1 Juni Ginkruo was delayed. Soon after 'E.S2 Kai Kashine' was released and Electro.STOP became an offical production studio. Electro.STOP currently only offers E.S Model' Utauloids and has no other offilations.


E.S Series 1

Juni icon1

E.S1 Juni Ginkuro


E.S2 Kai Kashine

180px-ID pic Misaki

E.S3 Misaki Bodou

Question mark

E.S4 SV-2 Kohaku

E.S Series II

Question mark

E.SV Shizuka Kotone

E.SVI Aleta Head Shot

E.SVI Aleta

E.SVII Aine Head Shot



E.SVIII Raiden Akihiko

Question mark

E.SIX Akane Mikazuki

Amaya head shot (100x100)

E.SX Amaya Koumori

E.S11 Aiko Sukoshine

Current Projects

  • Possible VCV Juni Ginkuro
  • Possible VCV Kai Kashine
  • E.SVI Aleta
  • E.SVII Aine
  • E.SVIII Raiden Akihiko


List of songs by Electro.STOP Utauloids

External links

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