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       Emi Pop
Name Interpretation:                Emi means "Beauty", Pop is short for Lollipop.
TYPE: ANGELoid (Utau Project Angel)
MODEL:  A-08
Gender  Female Voice Range 

A4-B4 (high)

D4-C4 (low)

 Related Character

Kasumi (friend)

Amatersu (fellow ANGELoid)

Yume Amai (fellow ANGELoid)

Ayame Akane (fellow ANGELoid)

Daichi Akane (fellow ANGELoid)

Rumi Amai (fellow ANGELoid)

Rei Natsumi (fellow ANGELoid)

Age 21 Genre Homepage Deviantart
Weight 120 Character Item Lollipop Creator


Height 5'6 Voice Source RikkuFukaimori Picture List Deviantart
Birthday March 1st Likes Lollipops, her friends, singing, Lolli, shopping, going to France Media List

Soundcloud (Regularly updated set)

Release Date TBA Dislikes People who are rude to her (will start a fight), people who are rude to Kasumi, or her other friends, country music Signature Song Tear (AVTechNO!)
PERSONALITY: May seem like a nice person and adorable but is actually sort of a b*tch 

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Light Blue
  • Color Scheme: Pink, Yellow and White.

Voicebank Downloads & Configuration

  • Please do not steal Emi Pop's voicebank or use in an inapproiate way. 


Usage Clause

  • You may NOT re-distrubute her voicebank.
  • You may NOT claim her as your own.
  • Do NOT change her appearance in anyway, unless for a cover.
  • Do NOT pitch her voice and change her into a pitchloid.


Emi is a part of the UTAU group Project Angel

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