Emi Setsuko Headshot

(Japanese: エミセツコ - えみせつこ - Emi Setsuko)
ALIAS: Emi - (Setsuko)
えみせつこ (Emi Setsuko; Beautiful Melody)
TYPE: Ziploid
MODEL: Version 1
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE (n/a) RELATED CHARACTERS Ikura Kikoeru - (Friend) 
WEIGHT 108 lbs (49 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Green "On" Button (Can be found on clothing.) CREATOR xXpikoLoverXx/GingerbreadGrlz
HEIGHT 5'6" (168 cm) VOICE SOURCE 'xXpikoLoverXx/GingerbreadGrlz'/xxteadrinkerxx/AnxiousCupcake PICTURE LINK LIST PIAPRO, PIXIV, +setsuko DEVIANT ART, GELBOORU, +setsuko&as_epq=エミセツコ GOOGLE IMAGE, %20setsuko PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY November 18, 1997 LIKES Purple things, the power button, cats, singing, talking to people, drawing, singing with friends. MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, +setsuko+%22エミセツコ%22 YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE January 28, 2013 DISLIKES Kids, turning things off, nosy people, not singing SIGNATURE SONG Life Reset Button
PERSONALITY: She can be very shy. But only her close friends know that she is pretty outgoing. She cannot see anything without her glasses so she must keep them on at all times. She is very kind and careful. She is an anxious person but she tries not to let that get in the way of her singing and fun. Prefers to dress as a boy. Meaning she loves to cross-dress. Can be described as a 'tom-boy'.

Supplemental Information

Her name is in western order. Hair color: Purple Headgear: Black and neon green Eye color: Light Blue Earphones: Black and neon green Dress/Outfit: Silver/Purple/Neon green Others: n/a Nationality/Race: Unknown

Voice Configuration

ACT1: Download: (Converted to a RAR file.)

Song List: 

Circus Monster  1-31-13

Life Reset Button  1-31-13

Anti The Infinite Holic Feat. Fushi Murasaki  2-3-13

Trick and Treat Feat. Fushi Murasaki  2-24-13

Wave  (Date Unknown)

Depression Of The Young Literati   (Date Unknown)

Melody  (Date Unknown)

Abstract Nonsense   (Date Unknown)

Bad Bye  (Date Unknown)

Poker Face   6-7-13

Lost One's Weeping - Duet With Piper  12-6-13


Emi Setsuko PNG

Emi Setsuko Design 2.0

This is her new design. The first one is old and I have improved on my drawing skills. ^-^

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