1.personality he loves helping people and he loves making friends but he waits for them to start a conversation with him cuz he is shy and he likes being himself and does not like to keep secrets unless he has to


2.likes & dislikes he likes ,music,singing,pickles,spaghetti,french bread,flowers,mythology,coffee,ice cream,cake,sleeping,eating,gems,kind people,adventure,swimming,texting,cellphones, he dislikes ,being woken up without reason,rude people,pain,hell 3.colors amethyst purple and emerald green 4.zodiac sign aquarius color dark brown 6.eye colorli ght brown 7.clothes,graphic t-shirt, ,graphic zip up sweater, ,super skinny jeans w/wcu chain, ,convers/sneakers, and fingerless leather gloves 8.accessories ,bracelet w/amethyst gemstone, ,amethyst gemstone necklace w/miku charm, ,watch, ,chocker w/lock, ring, right ear piercing 9.race mixed 10. religion catholic 11.gender male 12.sexuality homosexual 13.age 14 14.chara item cellphone/bread/pickle

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