Character Information

Name ExectLine

Model:  UTAU Type: Shouganai-loid
Gender: Male Age: ? D.O.B: ?
Release: April 21, 2013 Creator: AcesBlitz Voice Provider: AcesBlitz
Homepage: UTAU Wiki Broadcast: AcesBlitz's Youtube Voice Range: C#3~G#4
Genre: Any

Release Song: (no OTO) Kuusou

Mesorogiwi (new OTO) Insanity

Encoding: CV Romaji with Hiragana Aliases
Height: 6`6" ft. Weight: ? Apearance notes: One arm, stich across body, one eye
Personality: Shy and somewhat frigtening on the outside, but soft on the inside. Can actmean or even spiteful to the one he loves but may also act very kind and loving to them.He only opens up and expresses true feelings and shows his true self to that person he loves. (is a mixture of Tsundere, Dandere and Kuudere) Likes:  Silence, Being Alone, Masks, Weapons, and Violence, Scream, his creator/master, wearing hair barettes, his mask, people who are kind and loving to him, people who are willing to care about him and listen to him.  Dislikes: People, his cousin (TRAP Oji), his sister (Ashlander), squirels,Chick-flicks, lovey-dovey couples, when people invade his personal space, his bad arm,being in a crowd, elevators, water-parks, taking off his mask, his face, when people call him "slit-mouth". 
Character Item: Mask Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Red

Outfit: Always wears bretes in his hair anda mask that covers his nose to his collar bones. Wears trench coat that reaches his ankles (with no shirt underneath) Wears long pants with straps attached. Wears big combat boots.

Race: Human Nationality: Japan/Ukraine
Language: (singing) Japanese (other) Russian and Japanese

Related Characters: TRAP Oji (cousin/enemy)

Ashlander (sister/enemy)

Shinai Hoshii (fellow Shouganai-loid)

Furiri Resu (fellow Shouganai-loid)

SCREAM (Best Friend)

Kodomo Byouki (very distant cousin)

Jorudan Kamiru (friend)

Shukitsu Shikachi (friend)

Kat Soma (best friend) 

For extra information on ExectLine, feel free to contact AcesBlitz on Youtube or UTAU Wiki

Voice Information

Currently in ACT 1 

OTO.ini is set but needs some improvement

Has strong constanets and the 'ta" sound is flawed

Rule set is in voice folder

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