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Exie is an UTAU created by Exie-Kun a.k.a. FallenAngelsDarkness on deviantART

Voice Bank Download

Act 1:

Info on Exie

Full Name: Exie

Exie means defending men/defender of men. It is a female name used in English speaking countires. 

Gender: Female

Code: (the number on her arm) 5:6

Age: Eighteen Years Old
UTAU Newcomer Rolling Girl by Exie03:36

UTAU Newcomer Rolling Girl by Exie

UTAU Dreaming Little Bird-Exie and Emi Natsume03:55

UTAU Dreaming Little Bird-Exie and Emi Natsume

Genre: Pop/Rock

Weight: 110 Pounds 

Character Item: A knife she has hidden in her boot.

Creater: Exie-Kun ( )

Height/Measurements: 5'6 (167.5 cm)

PIcture Link List:

Box Art: Currently Not Available 

Find Her on DeviantART:

Birthday: March 2

Likes: Her knife and music

Release Date: Unknown (sometime in 2012)

Dislikes: Leeks

Songs She's Sang So Far (all cover songs):

Rolling Girl:

Dreaming Little Bird (feat. Emi Natsume):

Assault Mirage (Exie x Emi Natsume x Satsu):

(Any apologies if I screwed up on making Exie's page wiki thingy. I wasn't for sure how it was supposed to be done so I did it like this. -Exie-Kun)

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