The start of the Failed UTAUloids listed created by Cloudy and MangaChibehFox has received its project name; the project's own Failed UTAUloids are listed here.

When you give up on making an UTAU sound decent, render their voice badly, or something else terrible happens to the voice, you get a failed Utauloid.

The UTAU failures listed below are part of a project started by Cloudy and Manga (who is also DeathByLava here on Utau Wiki) and none are to be added here besides those in the project. This article will only be edited by DeathByLava.

Idate Shoune

Idate wiki pic

Idate Shoune

Idate is the fail version of Yokune Ruko. She is seen wearing a high-cut black tube top, a bluegrey cape connected in front by a large fake jewel, Ruko's styled arm warmers, black shorts, and a light gray thong over her shorts. She wears over-the-knee socks and black boots. She has silverish hair and her eyes are the color of Ruko's hair. She has a darker shade of skin than Ruko with a pinkish tone, and she has freckles. She is rather out-of-the-loop, causing her to put her clothes on in the wrong order most of the time. As a fail, she is an off-key Ruko, sometimes a pitch higher or lower. Her age is not determined, but she is protrayed as older, since she tends to get drunk. Her character item is a metal clothing hanger. Here is her full-body image: concept art

Takiko Shippaine

Takiko Wiki pic

Shippaene Takiko

Takiko is the fail of Kasane Teto. She is seen wearing an outfit similar to Teto, being a lighter gray and cerise on Teto is purple on Takiko. Her eyes are red like Teto's. She has silver hair, which is very wavy and down in contrast to Teto's hair in drills. She is normally rather sad. She gets rather quiet around people, but tries hard to make friends. She practices every day in hopes she will get better. her character item is rye bread. She is best friends with Idate, although she gets rather bothered when Idate gets drunk, since she tends to snuggle Takiko like a teddy bear and sometimes smothers her. She gets angry when people call her a fail, and is considered yandere.

Concept art

Kiui Kiuine

Kiui wiki

Kiuine Kiui

The failed version of Momone Momo. She refuses to do what she is told to do because she looks like a maid. She is very shy and rather quiet. Her friends often forget if she is there with them because she rarely talks. Unlike most fails, she does not always complain about how she hates her singing, but occasionally brings it up. Since Kiui dislikes her timid and shy nature, she often uses a facade to cover it, saying it simply makes her look like fool. With the facade, she doesn't show much emotion and has a monotone voice to go along with a bored expression. Due to being forgotten most of the time and having loads of free time, she spends it reading a book. From her habit of reading, she has become quite a intelligent girl. To most, she can be stated as a jerk at times, but she usually avoids the phase. As a result from not liking to be told what to do, she has become very stubborn and lazy, and not willing to give up until she wins. Her name, Kiui, means 'kiwi', a fruit known to be sour. It is in contrast to Momo's name, meaning 'peach', since peaches are known to be sweet. Here is her full-body image: concept art

Okama Onarane

Okama wiki 2

Okama Onarane

The fail version of Namine Ritsu; His name is a combination of insults: Okama meaning 'faggot', Onara meaning 'fart' and ne, of course, meaning sound. Namine Ritsu is a bully; Okama is quite the opposite. He is rather friendly and cheerful for a hated failure. He does, however, have quite the potty mouth. He can't go a day without swearing. He is very into old music such as waltzes and classical music. He will also listen to modern music if it has a meaning to it -- Double Lairat for example. It speaks of a girl/boy who thinks their friends spin better than them so they practice, stating in each chorus that they get a farther reach. The song can also be interpreted as a person working to reach their dreams. He is OCD and can't stand to have anything out of place. He constantly cleans up after the other failures; Idate moreso because she's normally too drunk to even care if the sake bottle is shoved down her throat. He is more like a father to the failures, as he has fatherly instincts. He tends to baby the others at times, he can't help it. He cares for the others when they get sick and enjoys cooking meals for them. He, like Ritsu, is a crossdresser.

Click here to see his full-body image

Robane Aho

Aho Wiki

Robane Aho

The failed version of Nagone Mako. She takes on more of the appearance and attitude of a pirate, in contrast to Mako's design as a 'ninja'. Aho dresses this way to keep her mind from straying to the fact that she is a fail of someone else, and tries to find good qualities in herself. Her 'pirate' image represents how she normally tries to tell off those who call her a knock-off of Mako: "Pirates are better than ninjas!" Her name translates as the follows:

Roba = Donkey [A play on the fact that she can imitate a donkey's sound-- and the fact that her singing sounds like it too]

Ne = Sound

Aho = Moron

She wears a dusty-blue jacket [in almost the same style as Ruko Yokune's coat] with gold lining, a white tube top which is tattered at the bottom, black shorts, and brown lace-up boots with fishnet stockings. She has silver/white hair pulled back in a short ponytail, normally down with hairs going in every direction. She has dark red eyes, and they sometimes change to a bright blue when a program is running [like a virus scan or something of the like]. Her character item is [of course] a piratey cutlass.

fullbody/concept art


Being only a beginning project, there are not many songs released. Only Takiko and Kiui have songs out on YouTube so far.

thumb|300px|right|Takiko's 'Romeo and Cinderella' - A Work in ProgressTakiko's first song found was an unfinished version of Romeo and Cinderella, shown to the right.

She also has covers of the following:


Disappearance of Shippaene Takiko

World is Mine

Kiui's first song is a completed version of the popular song, Saihate.

Sadly at the moment, it is her only song. The voice configuration was a mere test made by ShinySerebii and PettyBluez on deviantart. This has not been officially confirmed by the owners of Kiui Kiuine, so it is only a suggestion or fan-made voice for her.


Also, due to the boredom and extra time DeathByLava had, a website has been created. The websire was recently created, and therefore does not have much on it at the moment.

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