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凤凰 蓝色

TYPE: Utaloid


Male Voice Range A#2 - F#4 Genre Preferablly slower lower ranged songs
Related Characters Xie Lan Se (蝎 蓝色) - TBA Voice Provider




Assitance Amurice
Height 6 ft 2 in Weight 156 lbs Concept Full
Age 14 years Birth Date July 26 Release Date September 22nd 2013
Likes Sriracha, spicy food, bugs (grasshoppers), grass Dislikes arguments, jokes taken too far Character Item lotus flower


Hair color: Black

Eyes: Blue                                                       

Artist - Hex

Nationality/Race: Chinese

Outfit: He wears the traditional Chinese clothing for men, from the bottom of his shirt; it is colored a cyan blue ( representing "Blue Fire"; ) and blends in with the black of his shirt. At the end of his sleeves, there is a fabric of cyan blue with a small lit up yellow power button. Starting from the top of his pants is a cyan blue, fading into black. For his shoes he wears socks and sandals; which is rather odd. Around his ears, he has a thin dark grey metallic piece with a design around his hears (Headphones; See here: ), with small pieces of gray metal which produce the sound and holographic blue fire. The left headphone piece has the microphone; bending behind the back of his head to in front of his mouth ( See here: ).

Voice Configuration

CV ACT 1 (with romaji and hiragana alias) - Mediafire

Pass: fenchan

Notes: Missing a few syllables such as "nya".

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