Freya M

Freya M

Freya Melankolisk
Melankolisk (Swedish for Melancholy.)
freya (Freya is a maijor goddess in Norse Paganism)

'Dave Melankolisk(OlderBrother)

Ryo Suzuki(friend) Marceline (best friend )

Amaterasu (friend)

Yuki Shizuka (Girlfriend)

WEIGHT UNKOWN CHARACTER ITEM knives and candy  CREATOR Reii90forever
HEIGHT 5'2" (158 cm) VOICE SOURCE Reii90forever PICTURE LINK LIST UTAUwiki

being mean and sarcastic,Teto Kasane,Sweets,Candy,blood

MEDIA LIST youtube
RELEASE DATE 20th May DISLIKES Her brothers,Being nice to people,being called chibi, SIGNATURE SONG Fear Garden
PERSONALITY: Freya is a very mean and childish person. She likes to make fun of people and play tricks,She is always mad unless eating sweets and sleeps most of the time. But she can show a very tsundere side when with people she "loves" and she can be nice at VERY rare times.But is mostly mad,childish and yandere.

Character History and Twitter bot

Right after her creator made Dave it was decied that another UTAU was in process, the actual time in which Freya was first created is unknown but to be thought it was near the end of 2011. Freya went through many designs and designs that she was only known as the character we know today from 2012, at one point she was a singing doughnut! You think I am kidding but I am being completely serious. Freya is thought to be 3 years old but the character "Freya" is thought to be only 1 year old.

Freya's older brother has his own twitter but it is used by his creator and is not a twitter bot, her creator is considering making her a twitter bot account but updates on this will be updated as soon as possible.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Strawberry blonde
Headgear: yellow star clip

Eye color: Heterochromatic. One eye red the other blue

Freya 2013

Earphones: a red rose with a green and yellow mic

Dress: A light blue dress with pink roses on it. A cream jumper with a bow and rose on it. Lolita shoes and stripy knee socks.
Nationality/Race: White Brittish robor
Vernacular (way of speaking): British

Voice Configuration and usage


Crystalline Append: Link

The crystalline append allows for a much clearer bank.

English voicebank is to be said to be made in the future.

Please bear in mind Freya is only 14 so no mature content or roleplay.

{C}Commercial Use

Freya is a free program and therefore can NOT be purchased or sold. Similarly, absolutely no item featuring Freya (i.e. art, music, fanart, ect.) cannot be sold without the express permission of her creator Reii90forever.

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