Name: Fukitsuma Ongaku

Age: 45

Birthday: December 27

Gender: Male

Description: He is a music teacher for a majority of the UTAUs plus a few extra singloids like Oliver, Akume Iku, Macne Nana, ect. He is a cursed man who was once two seperate people, also known as his "counterparts". He only eats fruits and vegetables, with the exception of some wines. His form changes depending on the Append.

Related Characters: Fukitsuma Sanyi (wife), Fukitsuma Ongaka (sister), Fukitsuma Ongiala (sister), Lizzie Sokora (sister), Amustikuf Ukagno (twin brother), Fukitsuma Moriko (son), Fukitsuma Sanku (daughter), Fukitsuma Cloud (Granddaughter), Fukitsuma Roland (Father), Fukitsuma Roselia (mother)

Voicebank range: C2-C3

Favorite Food: Blueberries

Character Item: Violin/Violin Bow

Hair color: Red w/ violet streaks

Eye color: half red, half violet

VB download:

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