Fura Heichiyu
Full name: Furaloid Heichiyu.
NAME INTERPRETATION: "Fura" does not have meaning in particular, but just of "Furabi Hankei" his doubler. "Heichiyu" mean "One reason less".
TYPE: Hankei Utauloid
CODE: HU-03 (Hankei Utauloid n°3)

hermaphrody but considered as a boy.


E3~F5 (CV)

F3~C5 (CV Update)

F3~E5 (VCV)


Kozatsu Heichiyuu (brother tripled)

Chiro Heichiyu (Sister tripled)

Machine Xelir (considered as a mother)

AGE 15 HIGHT  166 cm WEIGHT  64 kg

'sombrero, firecrackers, multicolor laser'

SEIYUU Furabi Hankei DESIGNER Furabi Hankei
BIRTHDAY 22 december LIKES Hugs, kiss, singing, dancing, play the fool, winter, autumn,  Appends planned Solid, Light
Origins French, Mexican. DISLIKES Those who belittle others, that we touch his back, blood, dead, summer. DEMO

CV: Electric Angel (Rock vers)

CV Update: The Disappearance of Fura

VCV: Daze





CREATOR  Furabi Hankei
PERSONALITY: Fura can be both calm and understanding as excited and perverse, so that it is someone unpredictable depending on the situation. It tends to endanger and risk while having the best ideas in the world (27th floor of a dive into a pool of 1.20m deep.). Otherwise than that, Fura is a person confience and never let down the people he loves, and his family.

Full Design


Fura has an average size for her age. He has dark skin with freckles, brown hair with red highlights, yellow eyes. It is a bit chubby. 

He wears a sleeveless yellow handle, on which he tied a black scarf, there is a pocket with a funny face. It covers the right arm cuff plaid black and white mittens, and on his left arm, a micro touch screen tablet on which are stored the data of his voice. He has on his head a black and yellow headphones with aviator sunglasses. He also wears black shorts with Bluetooth speakers on the sides. he tied black electrical outlets around her hips. He wears a black and yellow striped tights with a knee brace on his left knee, a gray gaiter on his right ankle and black gym shoes.


Chiro Heichiyu: Sister triplet, they get along very well.

Kozatsu Heichiyu: Brother triplet, they do not got on well at all. they fight easily and end up fighting to the death.

Jainnyfer Samford: girlfriend.

Mizuoto Kirameku: A good friend, he loves pulling her cheeks to annoy him.

Aelis: A friend, he like look her boobs.

Akira Chiharu: Friend

Jun Chiharu: He got on well with him, but that was before.

Sonianjeriku Otoutsu: buddy

Otherwise, he would like to sing with all Utauloids.

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