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several UTAUloids were confirmed to be made and some were still being thought up by Acemaster-P.


SD-V2 Already Released

New V3-Series Voicebanks

Project Mexico a male and female CV Japanese and CV+VCV Spanish Voicebank. (Searching for both male and female Voice Providers)
Superdude V3 An update on Superdude's V1 and V2
Ace Masters A Male Vocal, Not Yet Confirmed
Willhelm Robertson Skyrim-based Male Thu'um Voicebank 

Special Condition UTAUloids

Superdude Aria: Electroangelic Final Reality Dream is a Voicebank that will release when certain conditions are met.

Will any Voicebank become retired?

Yes... a few have been either retired or canceld 

AX(Acemaster X-Treme) a VY1 VY2 parody No Good Ideas for the voicebank
Brandy a feline Voicebank The Voice Provider passed and the Voicebank is Private.
Pikane Pluckeroid V1 and V2 male one sound Voicebank V1 was discontinued due to Copyright issues and V2 was never released due to that.

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