Basic info

G-3egee's official design

G-3egee's official design Made in MS Paint using the mouse.

Name : G-3egee ( Pronounced JiJi )

Age : Programmed to be 13 years old. ( Built Feb. 21st , 2017 )

Birthday : ( Created on ) February 21st.

Gender : Female

Eyes : Light green

Hair : White

Height : 158 Cm

Family : G-3orge and G-3mma ( Yet to be released )

Friends : Yoru Yuki , Sakura Yume [Needs to ask permission for others]

Personality : Shy , cheerful , crybaby , unable to stand up for herself , innocent

Character items : None

Likes : Butterflies , flowers , singing , gasoline ( Often caught drinking it straight from the gas pump ) , Steam Powered Giraffe ( Her favourite band )

Dislikes : Horror , G-3orge's attitude , small spaces , darkness , fireworks

Relation with her family :

G-3egee loves her family dearly , even if they're a lot older than her. G-3mma is 25 and G-3orge is 32. She is very playful , which G-3orge can't stand. She's the closest with G-3mma.

Creator/voice :


Regular Romaji CV V 0.1 : [Link]

Regular Romaji CV V 0.2 ( Oto update ) : [Link]

Append Android Romaji CV V 0.1 : [Link]

Coming soon :

English Romaji CV

Append Power CV


Regular Romaji CV V 0.1 :

Matryoshka ( Ft. Shicara Ongaku )

Torinoko City

Pon Pon Pon

Useless Child ( Ft. Kasane Teto )

Hirari Hirari

Append Android Romaji CV V 0.1 :

Candy Candy


  • G-3egee is inspired by Steam Powered Giraffe , one of my ( The creator of G-3egee ) favourite bands.
  • G-3egee's voicebank was intended to only have an android append.
  • G-3egee might get an English voicebank in the future
  • G-3egee is part of the G-3 family. The G-3 family consists out of three steambots : G-3egee , who runs on cream , G-3mma , who runs on milk , and G-3orge , who runs on water.
  • G-3egee is my first Utauloid , who was originally intended to have an oto done by MMD-Anime-Bunny ( owner of Miyako Aoi ) since I didn't know how to. But due to my pc refusing to download the file right , I had to teach myself to oto , using Defoko as a reference ( I didn't know what I was doing though. Shout out to MMD-Anime-Bunny for indirectly teaching me how to oto! )

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