Japanese: (アルゴガバン) (画板 ある後) (Arugo Gaban)

English: Gaven Argo

画板 - (Gaban; Drawing Board)

ある後 - (Arugo; After some)

Put them together to create; After a drawing board

Gender Weight Height Personality
Male and Female 207 lbs. 9.4 kg 1'04'' ft. 0.4m N/A
Birthday Release Date Related Characters Likes
March 1, 2002 February 15, 2015 Pumpking the Testloid (Same Sound Scource)

Teto Kasane (Close Friend)

Neko Kanochi (Close Friend)

Defoko (Friend)

WALTT (Close Friend)

Kyoryu (Close Friend)

Singing, Playing, Hanging out, Sleeping

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