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Tetsu Gimonne

(Japanese: ぎもんね てつ - ギモンネ テ Gimonne Tetsu)

Name Interpretation: Gimonne - Question(ing) sound

Tetsu - Iron or steel

Type: Buffaloid

Model: KTX (Printed on cheek)

Gender Male Voice Range C5~d#5 Related Characters Roshinne Galileo
Age 11 Genre Adaptable Homepage None
Weight 130lb Character Item Creator monochromaticmusic on and YouTubeand on DeviantART
Height 4'11 Voice Source

Younger brother of creator

Picture Link List DeviantART
Birthday September 12, 1999


Hot Dogs, card games, video games Media List YouTube
Release Date Not yet released Dislikes Losing, being ignored, homework Signature Song None

Voice Configuration

VB currently offline for update.

Update includes voice fixes and new OTO.

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