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IMG 1316

Giru Inu

Giru Inu- Inu Giru

Name: Giru: Japanese for GIR. Inu: Dog

Type: Mascot

Gender: Female

Voice Range- 90- 160 bpm

Related Characters: Kaoru Okinawa ( Fellow Mascot)

Age: 628 (official age) 17 (fan age)

Genre: Techno and pop

Homepage: this wikia

Weight: 5 tons

Character Item: Waffles, Tacos, Turkey, Rubber Pigs.

Creator: Kitane Chiba

Height: 4' 11

Voice Source: Oburi Neiru, Yuri Urinkisan.

Picture list: This wikia

Birthday July 7, unidentified

Likes: Singing, dancing, cooking, Soda, babies, waffles

Media List: youtube

Release date: July 10, 2012

dislikes: being told no, Not getting tacos,

IMG 1343

Giru's close up

Signature songs: What is it. Reporting for duty.

Personality: Giru has a liking for partying and having fun, but at times can be quite dumb. On some occasions she is called a Otaku for her intrest in the world of tv and earth food and video games. She has a big dislike to people who dont eat her waffles.

Hair color: lime green with Black pigtails

Headgear: Headphones

Eye Color: Neon electric green.

Headphones: rust red with white accents.

Dress: Lime green vest style top, with a triangle cut out of the waist, conecting to a skirt with one leg slit. with thigh high black boots. Also with arm socks that go up to before her shoulders. With a black necklace

Nationality: Robot, made to gather information and serve to her master.

Favorite Phrase: Unmei, unmei, unmei (doom, doom, doom) This was created since she was to serve her master who is the create doom to their enemies

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