Googlirt (グーグリー と) is a free synthesizer UTAU character.

Googlirt boxart by jossies everywhere-d737fu6

Googlirt's Boxart

Character's Info

Hair Color: Dark Gray.

Eye Color: Red Blood.

Age: About the 16 or 17 years old.

Attire: Coffe Color Dress with a Black tie.

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Breed: Robot / Android.

Item: Unknown at the moment.


She can be classified of Kuudere. She is very quiet and reserved at first, but then becomes very upbeat and motivating. She loves to smile.

Voice's Configuration

Googlirt's voicebank is made for the Japanese. Her phonemes are written in Romaji and Hiragana. Also (if you know how to use her) she can sing in Spanish.

Downloadable Content

All her DLC can be found in her Official Website.

Songs and Covers

It was confirmated the New Original Googlirt's Song. The author is working in it.

External Links


Googlirt has been recently added to "The Bezarius Project".

Recently the "Original Song for Googlirt" proyect has been started.

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