Graduation from Lie is an album made for Teto Kasane and is currently the only UTAU album being sold on Vocaloid music site KarenT. Special permission was obtained for the production of the album and it has been said this was strictly a one-time event.

Buy Graduation from Lie feat. Kasane Teto on KarenT here:

Track List

01. Sky Swimmer (Toka Minatsuki)

02. Melody (nEL -MaiyoP-)


04. Karappo Garandou (inaphon)

05. Refrain (HAL@shurabaP)

06. The Rabbit's Story (Oyamano Mayo)

07. Return (mimiroboP)

08. Forbidden Law in the Sigh of Despair (TinySymphony)

09. Intermedio (Itikara/Touka Nayuta/KIPCIN)

10. Tetrapod (Ketra Pee)

11. Murphy's Law (death_ohagi)

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