Type furry utau
gender male genre any
age 25 character item

blue rasberry sports drink

weight/height 312lbs/6"7 likes

just about anything

voice range c3-c4 dislikes  snobs,jerks,rudeness
creator maxbear
release date june 17-2013

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Supplemental Information

1365156332.maxbear painting made in colors
UTAU GRANT- Eye examination04:25

UTAU GRANT- Eye examination


1354474458.maxbear grant-small
UTAU GRANT melt cover-004:19

UTAU GRANT melt cover-0


fur color:golden yellow

Head gear: a red baseball cap

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: blue

Earphones: a blue tooth headset in his right ear

Outfit: a two toned blue jersey with the numbers 01 on the front and back,two wrist bands that act ast a mp3 player and a mr. microphone, blue jeans,and blue and white shoes that resemble old convers.

Nationality/Race: anthro lion that knows english.

Favorite Phrase: none Other:

Voice Bank Downloads

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