Hamasaki Ayame
Hamasaki Ayame

(Japanese:ハマサキ アヤメ - はまさき あやめ - Hamasaki Ayame)
Hama meaning "beach, seashore" and Saki meaning "small peninsula, cape". Ayame meaning "Iris."
MODEL: 0402

Mimi Morte(Same Voice Provider)

AGE 17 GENRE Classical/Ballad HOMEPAGE []
WEIGHT Secret CHARACTER ITEM Mushrooms CREATOR FluffyWaffles
HEIGHT 5'2" (157 cm) VOICE SOURCE FluffyWaffles FULL BODY VIEW DeviantArt
BIRTHDAY August 2, 2014 LIKES The Beach and Mushrooms MEDIA LIST FluffyWaffles-Playlist


RELEASE DATE August 2, 2016 DISLIKES Dark and Scary Things SIGNATURE SONG None Yet. :3
PERSONALITY: As a child of a rich business man and a mother who has passed from illness, Ayame has been a lonely child. Over the years she has been by herself and had no communication to the outside world. She grew to be quiet and showed almost no emotion. The only world she knew of was her garden where at night her mushrooms would glow a bright purple. She was often spoiled by her dad with beautiful dresses and expensive jewelry, but that was the only attention she got. She'd often try to express her emotions but was never heard. Her voice was soft and quiet and the only projection she had was music. |}

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark Velvet.
Headgear: Velvet Bow.
Eye color: Yellow.
Earphones: None.
Dress: Dark lolita dress.
Nationality/Race: Japanese/American.

Voice Configuration

Tri-pitch Voicebank
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