Kazumi Hana. UTAUloid number: 198.

name meaning: Beautiful Flower.

Kazumi: 和美Hana: ハナ

Kazumi Hana

Name: Hana Kazumi.

age: 13-14.

character item: Black Wii remote and Jack -o- lanterns

Likes: friends, food, music, sweets, being energetic, Anime and Manga.
dislikes: rude people, being called a demon (thats what they also thought she could be).


story: she grew up in a quiet dark room locked away because of her red eyes and so everyone feared she was a Vampire or something like that and so she try's to not be so quiet because if she's quiet she feels like nobody can hear her and so she loves song that you have to be loud like Love is War song's like that. (everyone that she lived around and grew up around)



? Gender: Female. Friends: Rei Moriko: and UTAU that has still yet to be made.




she where friends with:


Nami (thinks shes awesome)


Ritsu (thinks hes cool even though hes a cross dresser)

Kasane Teto (likes her voice and admires her)

Waiko (really admires her),

Haruka Nana (thinks shes cute and would make a good friend).

personality: hyper and excited a lot, kind hearted, not so smart when it comes to thing's like math, but over all that she's pretty easy to get along with, she will get very very very mad if you act like a pervert around her, she does get angry a lot and when shes angry she has the strength to lift even the most heaviest person and pin them to the ground if needed .

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