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(Japanese: こだま はな - Kodama Hana)
こだま (Kodama; Echo)

MODEL: 410


Sonika (Best Friend)

Hano Kodama (Twin Brother/Lover)

Shojo Kodama (Big Sister/Failure)

Toeto Kodama (Little Sister)

Mawari Furi (Fellow UTAUloid)

Hayaku Furi (Fellow UTAUloid)

Rin Kagamine (Ex-Boyfriend's Sister)

MEIKO (Big Sister's Best friend)

KAITO (Lives With)

Gakupo Kamui(BAKA-Enemy)

AGE 14 GENRE Pop,Rock,Electro. HOMEPAGE Hana Kodama
WEIGHT 98 lbs. CHARACTER ITEM Flowers,a Megaphone, a Gold knife, a Banana (Len gave it to her) and a Golden Gun. CREATOR HanaKodamaCreator
HEIGHT 154 cm. VOICE SOURCE HanaKodamaCreator PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, ひび.く PIAPRO, ひび.く&s_mode=s_tag PIXIV, ひび.く DEVIANT ART, ひび.く_はな GELBOORU, ひび.く&as_epq=はなキョウ ひび.く GOOGLE IMAGE, ひび.く PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY April 22, 1996 LIKES Len Kagamine, Flowers, Shouting in megaphones, her sisters. MEDIA LIST ひび.く NICO NICO DOUGA, ひび.く+%22はなキョウ ひび.く%22 YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE July 22, 2010 DISLIKES Idiots, People that kill flowers, Tei Sukone and Fangirls of Len that throw tomatoes at her. SIGNATURE SONG and Toeto Love is War and Toeto
PERSONALITY: She is force to take care of her little sister Toeto Kodama because of Shojo's care-less personality. Len Kagamine is her boyfriend. She is only nice to her friends so if your Gakupo or Kaito or anyone she hates with rage she WILL punch you. Watch out ppl! She takes her anger out by shooting or yelling in her megaphone.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Orange

Headgear: Headphones Eye color: Indigo with Light blue in them.

Earphones: Yellow headphone piece and headband on it is Brown and sky blue teardrops.

Dress: Black with orange trimming.

Nationality/Race: Japanese and a bit of English.

Signature Color: Orange and some gold

Voice Configuration

Popular Appearances

UTAU wikia and to be on Youtube soon. | |- | | |- | | |}

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