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Hanami Hoshino

(Japanese: 星野ハナミ - Hoshino Hanami)


星野 (Hoshino) - Literally means "star field". Fairly common surname in Japan.

ハナミ (Hanami) - Lit. "flowers and fruit" (花実) when written in kanji.

In overseas context, she is usually referred to as just "Hanami", though her surname can be used to differentiate between similarly-named characters. In Japanese context, her full name is used.

TYPE: Lotte♥Loid

Hoshino Haruo (genderbend g15)

Hoshino Hanako (age genderbend g-15)

QUINN (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

Annushka (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

Joëll (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

LEONA (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

Hikaru Gaikokune (friend)

Anta Shizuko ("friend")

AGE "Adolescent" (Fairies have a different concept of age) GENRE Pop, rock, electronic, folk, etc. HOMEPAGE Lotte V's UTAU Things
WEIGHT Unspecified CHARACTER ITEM None specified CREATOR Lotte V
BIRTHDAY April 2 (day of release) LIKES

Cooking/baking, tending the garden, cleaning with magic, warm weather (strengthens her magic).

MEDIA LIST YouTubeNico Nico Douga
RELEASE DATE April 2, 2011 DISLIKES Mean people, cold weather (weakens her magic). SIGNATURE SONG

Coming Of Age

PERSONALITY: Hanami is a loving person who likes to take care of the people she holds dearly. She loves using fairy magic to clean the house and tend the garden, as well as heal others when they're sick. She also loves to cook and bake and do group activities with her friends.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Lilac
Headgear: Pink bows, which wrap her hair up in pigtails.
Eye color: Emerald
Headphones: Metallic headphones with cherry blossoms on the ear coverage (rarely used).
Dress/outfit: See concept art.
Nationality/Race: Fairy

Voice Configuration

Starter CV (IMPORTANT: I only recommend you download this voicebank when you're either new to UTAU and/or don't have Japanese locale on your computer. Otherwise, it is HIGHLY recommended you download her CVVC and/or VCV voicebank instead, since they're more fluid and have a wider vocal range): zip | uar Monopitch romaji-encoded Japanese CV voicebank with VV transitions for fluidity.

"Potpourri" CVVC: zip | uar 3-pitch kana-encoded CVVC voicebank with in-built Soft (弱) and Power (強) appends, as well as a Whisper (囁) CV voicebank. Use the respective suffixes to get the desired sound.

"Bouquet" VCV: zip | uar 3-pitch VCV voicebank encoded in kana with in-built Soft (弱, monopitch) and Power (強) appends, as well as glottal stop (門) vowel transitions.

English VCCV: zip | uar

Korean: zip | uar Monopitch Korean voicebank with a CV base and VC endings for closed syllables only, as well as VV transitions.

Chinese CVVC: zip | uar Monopitch Chinese CVVC voicebank.

All her other voicebanks will get updates as well.

Usage Clause

The creator of Hanami has specified a few rules regarding the usage of Hanami:

1. Hanami may NOT be used in anything violent and/or discriminatory (violent as in: seriously trying to harm people). However, songs about fictional violence (and other controversial subjects) are allowed.

2. Adult-oriented depictions are allowed, as long as said depictions display consent between all the parties involved. Also, when said depiction is not music-related, it is preferred you ask permission beforehand, though not required.

3. Usage for religious songs is allowed, as long as it's not offensive and/or propaganda. Worship songs are OK.

4. Do NOT claim Hanami as your own UTAUloid.

5. When you want to RP Hanami, please ask me first.

6. When you use Hanami, you must always credit her creator.

7. Do NOT use Hanami for commercial products without permission.

8. Do NOT edit her voicebank to make your own. Fanloids are only allowed with prior permission.

9. Do NOT depict Hanami in (non-music) fanfiction unless you have permission from the creator.

10. If you encounter (cosmetic) errors with Hanami's oto.ini file, feel free to edit them. However, do NOT redistribute the edited oto.ini without my permission.

11. And last, but not least: Hanami's personality is free to interpret by whoever uses her.

The information seen here is based on data provided by the author. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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