Harazoki Yuki

(Japanese: ハーアゾッキー・ヤッキー)
(Her name does not really mean anything, but Yuki is one word for PRINCESS)
TYPE: OTOKIloid - Part of the OTOKI project, for "princess-like" sounds
MODEL: 7.67 - her boyfriend dared her to get this tattoo on her left palm (it is covered by her glove)
AGE 13 GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE UTAUloid Beat (This is a current website for )
WEIGHT 97.4 lbs (44 kg) (She may look heavier, but she sometimes stops eating, resulting in her weight loss) CHARACTER ITEM Microphone staff (Such as a fighting staff, it is a microphone stand stff) CREATOR Katy Throb
BIRTHDAY July 31, 1997 (Taken her creator's birthday) LIKES

Singing, Hatsune Miku, Kasane Teto, Kagamine Len, dancing, partying, anime, Pon and Zi, Hello

RELEASE DATE May 8, 2012 (About a week after her voice-bank was created) DISLIKES KAITO, her parents, people in love SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Harazoki Yuki is a young 13 year old girl who loves to adventure, but her parents always doubted her. She then became rebelloius and started by sneaking out at night. Her parents then found out and locked her windows and doors. Then Yuki dyed her hair from her original blond to purple. Her parents were outraged. Yuki then went out to bars with her new boyfriend and they wanted her to sing, so she got up on a counter and thought, "They're all drunk, they won't notice my horrible voice, so I should!" She then sang her heart out and found out she had a talent. The next night, her boyfriend was drunk once again and crashed his car into a lake and drowned. Yuki was devistated, and singing is one of the only things that keeps her happy and reminds her of the one she loved most. Yuki now sings her heart out for the only one that lived in her heart. Her parents left her to sing, but Yuki couldn't become famous singer, so she discovered something called UTAU. She created an UTAU of herself and then started singing on there. She wishes to be as famous as an UTAU as much as she loved her boyfriend.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Purple
Headgear: None
Eye color: Blue
Earphones: Simple neon-purple headphones
Dress/Outfit: Aqua one-strap top, red skirt, high top boots
Nationality/Race: American

Things to know about Yuki

  • She wants to find love, no matter how painful her first was
  • She is usually sad
  • She takes depression pills by force
  • She doesn't like her voice
  • She is bipolar
  • She is often angered.
  • Usually is crying
  • She goes to "The School of the Gifted" for teenagers and children with amazing talents
  • She has a new crush on an UTAU named HELLO

Often Phrases Used

"I'm hungry"

"You're drunk."

"Go away!!"

"Uhggg!!! Shut up!"

"I hate you!"

"What's better than Poptarts and cherries?"

"Life's not fair. Get over it!"

"When life gives you lemons, chuck 'em at your enimies, then squeze the lemons into their eyes!!!!!"

Voice Configuration

Her voice timing may be a little off, please be sure to make adjustments! This voice bank was made in 20 minutes in the middle of night (Around 4 AM), she may sound drowsy!

Download her Act 1 Here

Note: The Act One voicebank is un-OTO'ed, so it may not sound very well.

Download her Act 1.5 Here

Note: Her Act 1.5 was the creator's first time OTOing, so it may be off or sound robotic.

Her Act 1.7 Here

Special thanks to Stormy for OTO'ing and adding aliases to the act 1.7!

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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