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Harmony Orion
ハーモニー (Harmony) - The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.

オリオン (Orion) - Rising/dawning in the sun.

MODEL: 030 - Chosen to be similar to Luka Megurine (03).

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE F3-C5 RELATED CHARACTERS Kohaku Orion (older twin sister)

Murphi (friend)

Rue Cross (friend)

Hina Sora (friend)

AGE 16 GENRE Pop,electronic and blues. HOMEPAGE youtube

DeviantArt Soundcloud Twitter

WEIGHT 106 pounds (48 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Pink Microphone/Lupe(ルーペ). CREATOR Kira Goddess
HEIGHT 167cm (5'5), In heels 179cm (5'9). VOICE SOURCE Kira Goddess PICTURE LINK LIST DeviantArt
BIRTHDAY July 2nd LIKES Pocky, green tea, cats, videogames and reading manga. MEDIA LIST YouTube


RELEASE DATE Harmony Orion ACT 2, Fluffy and Soft- November 5th 2015.

Harmony Orion Light - February 5th 2016. Harmony Orion Emphatic - February 20th 2016.

DISLIKES Sushi, dogs and rude people. SIGNATURE SONG The Lost One Is Weeping
PERSONALITY: Harmony is a hard working girl who is a bit clumsy

at times.She's quiet but loves to practice singing when ever she can to get better. She loves to meet new people and is very friendly to everyone!

Supplemental Information

Harmony Orion-0

Bank information: All of Harmony Orion's banks are CV Japanese banks with limited English capabilities, VCV and VCCV are planned for the future.

Hair Color: Brown.

Eye Color: Left white, right pink.

Favourite Color: Pink/Black.

Bio: Harmony was born blind in her left eye and later developed cataracts and thus she covers it with a pink rose eye patch, suspended on a chain. She loves animals and owns a wolf-like creature that is mostly dark gray with a white under belly. The creature- Lupe has dragon wings that are a dark pink colour.


Terms Of Use

・Do not sell, modify or redistribute the contents of this voicebank! 

・Voicebank may be used in other voice synthesis programs or as a Talkloid so as long as its not used to create offensive content.

・Respect Ayame-san (飴屋/菖蒲様)'s rules for all UTAUloids! Please refer to the UTAU website for more information;

・Give due credit for anything you use, including this voicebank, UST authors, intrumentals and Ayame-san/UTAU.

・If you're unsure about something, ASK! 

・All conditions set by UTAU apply to this voicebank.


Kira Goddess contact e-mail:

Harmony Orion Act 2:








Harmony Orion VCV by jill29
Commission for kira goddess by sasukeuchiha93436-dagy194
Harmony orion by panicattheseptiplite-dagazp6
Inked utau bust harmony orion by lilmisslillie-daoi510
C harmony orion limited time bust sketch by mitsutsumi-danpmb4
Commission for kira goddess by sasukeuchiha93436-dagy1jr
Harmony Part

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