Harumori Haru (Japanese:春森ハル)

Name Meaning: Harumori/春森:Spring Forest






Genre:Yandere Songs,Pop

Character Item:Cherry and any types of berry




Birthday:13 August

Date Released:21st August

Likes:His Family,His sister (of course he do!),Blood,Bruise,Pain,Red (color).

Dislikes:A Boy that on Sakura's age or older that close to her (exept himself),Cats (he is alergic to cats)

Relationships:Harumori Sakura (Younger sister),Nakajima Kurumi (Little sister-in-law),Nakajima Aito (Older brother-in-law)

Personality:He is a Yandere.He kills every Sakura's Boyfriends (So he can keep her).He acts sweet and cute when he's with Sakura,but acts Scary when he spotted his sister gets along with another boy.



Hair Color:Pink and Short

Eye color:Pink (Red in his Yandere form)

Cloth:White (Inner) and Pink (Outer) Short-sleeved Seifuku,The fresh twin cherries for the twin-ties,Pink pants,Light brown shoes and White,short socks



Voice Configuration

Fresh,Natural,and more masculiner than his sister...But his voice was Faded out at the end.


Usage Clause

  • Do not redistribute Haru's voicebank without the author's permission.
  • Do not edit Haru's voicebank and/or claim it as yours.
  • Do not use Haru's voicebank to violate laws and regulations, and/or promote crime and/or racism.
  • Do not use Haru to insult and/or slander third person and/or third party.
  • Do not sell Haru's voicebank and/or character commercially.
  • No limitation is imposed on resetting parameters.
  • No limitation is imposed on fanart making based on Haru.
  • Redistribution of Haru's voicebank is not encourage.
  • Redistribution of Haru's edited voicebank is forbidden.

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