Haeumori Sakura (Japanese:春森桜-はるもりさくら,Harumori Sakura)

Name Meaning: Harumori/春森:Spring Forest,Sakura/桜:Cherry Blossom







Genre:Sweet Melody,Soft melody,Smooth Melody,Pop

Character Item:Cherry and any types of berry




Birthday:17 August

Date Released:15 August

Likes:Happy Wheels,Study,Axis Powers Hetalia (APH),playing with her Laptop (PC),Sweets, Chocolate,Any types of Noodle,Fruits,Pink (Color),and Blue (Color).

Dislikes:Everything or Everyone that making her Unhappy and Scared

Relationships:Harumori Haru (Older Brother),Nakajima Kurumi (Little sister-in-law),Nakajima Aito (Older brother-in-law)

Personality:She is Himedere,but,Himedere in sweet,soft,and Nice mode.She really cant be angry and cant be harsh.She always be Friendly,dilligent,Intelegent,a little easy going,and bright child.She has a Sensitive heart,so,she cant hold an extreme love.



Indonesia’s most greatest School, Muhammadiyah 4 Samarinda (Especially 6-2 graders), have joined forces with a Vocaloid company to create a mascot for Indonesia. The mascot, drawn by no other than Kasane Kani’s designer TamaTomato, goes by the name “Harumori Sakura” and is an “Idol in Making”. Sakura will be used to promote the prefecture’s culture such as food, nature, scenery, history and more. Her background is as follows:                   Name : Harumori Sakura
Height : 145cm                                                                                                                                                 Interests : Happy Wheels,Study,Axis Powers Hetalia (APH),playing with her Laptop (PC).
Favourite food : Sweets, Chocolate,Any types of Noodle,Fruits.                                                                          Favourite colour : Pink and Blue
Birthplace : Indonesia

Muhammadiyah 4 Samarinda has come up with a mascot/character to promote Indonesia, and her name is Harumori Sakura.She is a possible UTAUloid.

Sakura has a background character setting:

She is an idol-in-training, and was supposed to debut soon. But misfortune befalls her agency, it was decided that the agency will go out of business in 6 months' time, lack of finance and also the head of the agency fell sick, and they thought they could no longer help her debut. Sakura's manager said (TamaTomato/Me) that at least, she wanted to fulfill his boss' dream, which was to have their idol stand on the stage of Indonesia Dome and perform in front of a full-seated crowd. Sakura then proclaimed that she will work hard to gather at least 30,000 fans around the Facebook, find sponsors and make this dream happen. And that was the start of her challenge.

So, in 170 days, if they can get 30,000 fans on Facebook, then Sakura will officially have her debut. It was also hinted on the website that something interesting will happen once they reach 15,000 fans.
The fact that she's a UTAULOID was also backed up by the art, her character design was drawn none other than TamaTomato, whom is also Kasane Kani's illustrator.
All we can do now is to support Harumori Sakura  and see what's gonna happen!

Harumori Sakura is a character from Kasane Kani developer Muhammadiyah 4 Elementary school, designed to promote their home region Indonesia on local promotions and goods. More than design and character description, there's a bit of a narrative to go with Sakura-chan. The idea is that she has dreams of performing at the Indonesia Dome Arena despite working for a flagging, near bankrupt company with an ill Leader.

Sakura was due to become a idol who represented the Samarinda region of Indonesia, the uppermost region within Indonesia and was due to be announced. However, the agency heading her fell into financial troubles and would go bust within 6 months, their Leader also has fallen ill suddenly. Still desiring to fulfill their goal of getting a Samarinda (Indonesia) idol, the company announced if Sakura's facebook and twitter gathered 30,000+ support between them within 6 months, the production of Samarinda would be handed over to a studio to go ahead with releasing her. Her manager wanted to fulfill his boss' dream of having her sing in the Indonesia stadium to a full-seated crowd.

please like to official page they need at least 30,000 likes and 30,000 followers on facebook and twitter within 6 months. After six months if she reaches her goal she will be an official UTAUloid.



Hair Color:Pink and Medium Ponytail

Eye color:Pink

Cloth:White (Inner) and Pink (Outer) Short-sleeved Seifuku,The fresh twin cherries for the twin-ties,Pink mini skirt,Light brown shoes and White,short socks


Favourite Phrase:Halo! Aku akan mengajarimu untuk berbicara berbahasa Indonesia! (Meaning:Hello! I will teach you how to speak Indonesian!)


Voice Configuration

Her voice is Fresh,Natural,sweet,soft...But her voice was Faded out at the end.


Usage Clause

  • Do not redistribute Sakura's voicebank without the author's permission.
  • Do not edit Sakura's voicebank and/or claim it as yours.
  • Do not use Sakura's voicebank to violate laws and regulations, and/or promote crime and/or racism.
  • Do not use Sakura to insult and/or slander third person and/or third party.
  • Do not sell Sakura's voicebank and/or character commercially.
  • No limitation is imposed on resetting parameters.
  • No limitation is imposed on fanart making based on Sakura.
  • Redistribution of Sakura's voicebank is not encourage.
  • Redistribution of Sakura's edited voicebank is forbidden.

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