Harwin Klem or Harve

(はれゐん  くれむ OR はるゔ)

Type: Oblivoid (UTAU created by Oblivion772)

Model: None

Gender Male Voice Range C3~D#4 Related Characters Albert Fleischer (Respect/Hate)
Age 24 Genre Unknown Homepage Homepage
Weight 60 kg (132 lb) Character Item Handgun Creator Oblivion772
Height 165 cm (5'5") Voice Source Oblivion772 Picture Link List None
Birthday July 19th Likes Driving, fish (food), science, singing, Franz Hoffmann Media List None
Release Date Unknown Dislikes Ruffians, fanatics Signature Song None
An upright and moral man, Harve grew up in Prague, though his parents were originally from England. He was never the brightest around, but he managed to get into the german police force with little effort. He immediately set himself to helping others and serving the country.

But he has always been fascinated with science, despite his lack of talent for it. Before his entrance into the police force, he had tried to get a degree in biology, failing within his first year. He still follows great scientists work, though not understanding it. Scientists like Albert Fleischer.

Harve despised men like him, and no matter how much he admired his work in robotics, he's convinced that, for the good of Germany, Albert must be arrested and prevented from continuing his work.

While all of this seems to take up all his time, he does enjoy singing in bars late at night for extra cash. He often does performances from Franz Hoffmanns shows. 


CV Ver 1.1: Should be out fairly soon.

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