Heinz was a orphan. When he was six years old, he ran away from the orphanage, then he began living on the street and sang to make a living. Eventually, he was discovered by a producer, who made him famous.

He prefers to listen to music than to do anything else, so he is a little difficult to talk to. However, he likes to help people. Sometimes he is too shy to do anything.

Demo(Setsuna Trip):

Demo 2(ODDS&ENDS) :

GENDER  male
AGE 15
WEIGHT 102 lbs
LIKES Singing, sleeping, doing nothing , being alone, travelling by train, watching old movies on tv and fate zero.
DISLIKES  Being bothered, not sleeping at least 15 hours, dogs (cause some reason they hate him, but he secretly love dogs), and spiders.

His glasses (He says he hates them, but he actually likes to wear them)


  • hair color: White 
  • eyes color: Black
  • favorite color: Green. 
  • nationality: Chilean/Japanese

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