Heiwaon Shia

(Japanese:平和音シア) UTAU Group: K-LOID
NAME INTERPRETATION: "Shia" is short for "Sylvia" whom is the creator's friend that this UTAU is based off of. "Heiwaon" means "Peace sound" because her voice is generally soft.

Uchuno Saru (fellow K-LOID)

AGE None Decided GENRE Lullaby, soft rock, slow pop HOMEPAGE N/A
WEIGHT None Decided CHARACTER ITEM Foreign Candy CREATOR Kori-s (thus the name "K-LOID")
HEIGHT 5'4" (163 cm) VOICE SOURCE None Decided yet DEMO SONGS
BIRTHDAY None Decided LIKES Cute things, Teddy Bears, hugs, eating other people's food, manipulating Saru to do whatever she wants, etc MEDIA LIST none yet
RELEASE DATE None Decided DISLIKES No food, when Saru won't do what she wants SIGNATURE SONG
PERSONALITY: A soft voiced, cute and shy on the outside, semi-evil on the inside, person who sings well, though she will argue that she stinks

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light Orange
Headgear: Headphones
Eye color: Orange
Earphones: they have "SHIA" written on them
Dress/Outfit: (pictured in the concept art)
Others: contact me at if you have any more questions about use and crap
Nationality/Race: None Decided

Voice Configuration

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