Kocchi Muite Baby UTAU Helena03:25

Kocchi Muite Baby UTAU Helena

10helena by shadowstar1021-d6y1vet

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Name: Helena

Name interpretation: Just a random cute name Echo and I liked.


Model: 10

Gender: Female

Related Characters:  Snow Utanen (Miss), Kuro Utanen (Man maid), Storm Otone (Pretty lady), Star Utanen (Canibal friend) Ki Ki Otone (Big brother), Ruka (Big buddy), Ryoko (Dad like figure..)  Ace (Baking buddy), Elian Song(Little big sister like), Shadow Utanen, Neko Utanen, (House mates)

Age:  10

Genre:  Softer pop music

Homepage: Shastaloid on Facebook

Weight: 99lb

Character Item: Pink cotton Candy

Creator: shadowstar1021 and KuroEcho on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki.

Height: 4' 8"

Voice Source: KuroEcho018

Picture link List: _Link to my devinant art.._

Birthday:  December 15


Media List: youtube

Release Date: Some time is December 2013


Signature Song:


Voice Configuration



Supplemental Information

Hair color: Pink   

Headgear: Orange head band

Eye color: Yellow  

Headphones: None

Dress: Look at her reference, I am not sure how to describe that...  

Nationality/Race: American SHASTALOID

Favorite phrase:

Usage and Rules

Do not use her for Political, religous, or any offencive content.

Non-Comercial purposes only.

Make sure all fanart for her is appropriate for all ages. No "Mature" stuff.

All the imformation above is accurate as of January 1 of 2014

~WynturStorm/shadowstar1021 and KuroEcho018~

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