Hideko Imayoto is one of the currently planned Imayoto Family. She, unlike the rest of her family, actually cares about the safety of her older brother Koguto, who goes beserk when angry and has been known to staple people to walls with swords, him being the light and kind hearted one usually. She, like the rest of her family, is skilled with bladed weapons. Her specialty is using fanblades. she wears a Yin-Yang necklace, which symbolizes her bipolar disorder. Her likes include:kittens, VOCALOID, singing, being an UTAU. Her dislikes include:being mistaken for a VOCALOID because of her vocal quality, being bothered, when her brother goes beserk. her character item is a bladed fan and she usually wears a kimono with a ninja suit on underneath. A few thirteen-fourteen year olds are working on her voice and she will be released by june of 2012. the whole Imayoto family will open with the nyanyanyanya! song, one fifth of the song being sung by each member.

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