(Japanese: 毒音 , ひかる - どくね ひかる - Dokune , Hikaru)
ALIAS: Bio-Hazard
'Poison Sound' (Do - Ku- Nay)
TYPE: Utauloid
MODEL: 676
GENDER Unknown VOICE RANGE 211.8 Hz (G#3) RELATED CHARACTERS Yoru Tsukine 'Little Sister'Toru Raidenne 'Big Brother'
AGE 17 GENRE Techno, Operatic HOMEPAGE DeivantART
WEIGHT 130 lbs (59 kg) (She's an Android) CHARACTER ITEM Syringe CREATOR xXChibixKittyXx (xXAkuxTsukikoXx)
HEIGHT 5'8" (173 cm) VOICE SOURCE xXChibixKittyXx (xXAkuxTsukikoXx)
BIRTHDAY June 16, 1994 LIKES Syringes/ Doctor needles, Dancing, Circuses, Stalking
RELEASE DATE February 25, 2011 DISLIKES Being rushed SIGNATURE SONG Meltdown
PERSONALITY: She's more of the quiet type. Likes to disguise her voice with her mask most of the time(Which makes her sound like a man/ Really deep voice woman). Mainly looks up to other Utaus and Vocaloids for inspiration and motivation. Very stalkish, and stalks people at random because it's her hobby. Wishes she could fly sometimes, even though her Metal-Excuse-Of-Wings won't let her. Has a lot of singing and artist blocks, but always finds a way around them.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black with light blue braid
Headgear: Fashion Goggles attached to headphones, two hairclips
Eye color: Golden-ish
Earphones: Light blue headphones illumination with goggle eye pieces at the top
Dress/Outfit: light blue Mask, low-cut cut-sleeved shirt with an extended flap, combat-ish boots, ankle leggings, Shorts and belt latched,
Others: Metal dull-bladed wings, and Bio hazard sign on her stomach
Nationality/Race: Japanese/ English

Voice Configuration

Her voice sounds like a guy almost, and when singing high notes she sounds like she's suffocating.
Her VB is hand oto-ed and is CV

Notable Works

'Gee' By SNSD with Yui Mikazuki and Kaya Mizuku ,'Chiisana Te No Hira' featured in CLANNAD

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