About her

IMG 20151030 220303
: Himeji

Name meaning: Princess

Age: 13

Creator: Himeji Flame

Related Characters:

Tori Kanpane ( Older sister )


She is a kind and caring girl. She loves nice and cool guys. She cares about her sister Tori more than anything.

Supplemental Information

Eye color: Hot pink

Outfit: A pale pink T-shirt with a heart for the design. A pink heart necklace under her shirt . On top is a navy blue coat (jacket). On the bottom is stockings reaching to the knees and pink ballerina shoes with ribbons on top.

Nationality/Race: Japanese

Favorite phrase: I Favorite Phrase: I LOVE YOU NEE-CHAN !! <3


CV: [1]

VCV: -

Voice Configuration

Himeji 's voice is encoded in romaji but can also read hiragana. For the rendering options it is better to use Y0B0C99g-5. She has a normal tone so there is no need for flags.

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