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Hiro Kazuo (Japanese=ヒロ和夫)

Hiro Kazuo finished icon!!!AWESOMEEEENESSS

 ===                  Name Interpretation: Hiro=generous '寛大な'===

                                                            'Kazuo=man of harmony 調和男性


Number: 14JS


TYPE: Utauloid        




AGE: 15 GENRE: ((Stay tuned)) HOMEPAGE: None yet
WEIGHT: 136lbs CHARACTER ITEM: Pancakes CREATOR: ジェームズ·マイケル·S and is curently drawing him on the computer, go check him out!
HEIGHT: 5'3" ft VOICE SOURCE: ジェームズ·マイケル·S and UTAU (program) PICTURE LINK LIST: 
BIRTHDAY: December 14th 1998 LIKES: Technology, Reading, Sleeping MEDIA LIST:
RELEASE DATE: September 29th 2013 DISLIKES: Work, Anything thats boring, annoying people SIGNATURE SONGS: ((Stay Tuned))

Supplemental Information

Hair Colour: Shaggy light brown hair with dark brown highlights

Eye Colour: Hazel (or brown)

Headgear: One eared headset with two diffrent shades of purple, and lastly a antenna on top. 

'Dress Style: 'Light gray tanktop with a purple vest over top. Knee high dark gray shorts with a magenta trim, two belts: one of which is gray, the other has piano keys, a purple strap with a black and white striped bag on his back and light purple shoes.

Race: Japanese. 

Favorite Phrase: Tada dama~tsu  ただ黙っ (Just shut up) 

(This phrase is addressed to anyone that annoys Hiro)

Voice Configuration

Hiro is designed for japanese songs. His files are written in Hiragana, so he cannot play anything on Utau that has Romaji letters. 

Hiro's voicebank is in the process of tunning. His voicebank is in version 1 right now, still being worked on. 

Nothing has been released yet.

Download Hiro's voicebank here!  Its just a test later versions will be put up!

Drawings and Videos of Hiro Kazuo

Hiro Kazuo AWESOME!!

Hiro's outfit

Will be releasing a video as soon as i can! Version 1 of the voicebank is up! i'll work on version 2 when i get a better mic xp! Stay tuned! 

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