Hisoka alternate design 100 

(Japanese: 黒澤ヒソカ- Kurosawa Hisoka)

黒澤 (Kurosawa; Black stream, Dark stream) - Black is her secondary color.
ヒソカ (Hisoka; Secret) - Her life is full of secrets, without anyone knowing it.

MODEL: 0813 - Imprinted on headphone (hard to be seen).
GENDER Genderfluid (Biologically female) VOICE RANGE C3 - C5 RELATED CHARACTERS

Yui Kurosawa (Little sibling)

Yuu Kurosawa (Little sibling)

Rikuo Takeda (Best friend)

Kuo Amakusa (Close friend)

AGE 18 GENRE Rock, Metal, Ballad HOMEPAGE


WEIGHT 55 kg CHARACTER ITEM Grapes CREATOR midori* (DA) (YT - Other YT) (TWT)

DA PIXIV Photobucket

BIRTHDAY October 13 LIKES Grapes, pranking or annoying people MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE August 21, 2010 DISLIKES Insulted, being ignored, snails SIGNATURE SONG

Don't Mylist Me!

PERSONALITY: Hisoka acts very friendly to everyone, but that's usually on the outside. She is very manipulative once she has her eyes set on something she wants. She is always trying to annoy the crap out of people, or use them to her advantage or her entertainment. Despite all that, she's very generous and caring to those close to her. Great at protecting people but also great at beating up people. Usually seen as the elder sibling or the bodyguard towards people.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Purple.
Eye color: Sky Blue.
Nationality/Race: Japanese.

Voice Configuration


Hisoka's voice is by default, encoded in Hiragana and Romaji. If you want to use Hisoka's voicebank, please credit to me and ask me for permission to use it first, either through deviantArt (Note) or YouTube (Message).

ACT1: here. Her ACT1 includes: oto.ini, encoded in Romaji and Hiragana.
ACT2: here. Her ACT2 includes: oto.ini, encoded in Romaji and Hiragana. PLEASE change the name of her br1 and br2 into breathin and breathout.
ACT2.1: here. Her ACT2.1 includes: oto.ini, encoded in Romaji and Hiragana. Mostly the same as her ACT2, but added some minor modifications. Use flag Y0G3 please.

Currently planning a VCV Voicebank for her.

Official Character Design

Hisoka alternate design

Hisoka's Alternate design

Here is Hisoka's current design, an alternate one. Since the previous design was rather complicated to do, I decided to make an alternate design for her. It's much more simple than her previous design.

There isn't much to be specified in this alternate design. Here's the previous design. I think what made it complicated to draw is the silk around her arms. Also her headphones.

In this alternate design, she only wears a gray sleeveless shirt, black pants, blue sneakers, and a purple belt-attachment like the Vocaloids have. Her headphones are much more simple and it's white with blue illuminations. As for her arms, I only added a black wrist band for her left wrist, and a black tight sleeve on her arm and some accessories.


  • She is fine with any pronoun, but creator is already used to call her with she/her pronoun.
  • She prefers to be seen as masculine. She's uncomfortable when wearing feminine clothing.
  • She hates the color Khaki Green.
  • Whenever she's evil, she can be very sadistic (without mercy, really).

Other Related Characters

Other Refferences

Certified true and correct from Hisoka's creator, midori* (Midori-kun or MidoriHihara07). Please do not change anything here without my permission.