His DeviantArt user is Tefy-chan Her youtube user is TefySama

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Its name means Song of Love (Aika) on a rainy night (Amaya) and his middle name means Hitomine: Double Beauty of sound (his middle name is just to identify with her sister Mitsuki Hitomine Aiko) Age: 15

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 48 kg

Aika is a well-developed girl for her age, is often a major target for both men for their personality and appearance, what many do not usually take into account is that his past Aika is cruel, so she usually a sweet, kind and proud of the people around you, but when it tends to annoy his sea-blue eyes become red.

His story begins when she was just a baby, sister Aiko Hitomine Mitsuki and she wanted to be abducted for a mafia, but his failed attempt to be alone with Aika dicided. She grew up as a ninja assassin and being protected by his cousin Amaya Tsubasa . After spending time being a girl Aika Future Decius come to our time in search of his real parents but got no trace, just arrived in our years with Vocaloid will be found where most hiso friendship and fell in love Hatsune Mikuo and states where they have a relationship

Voice Bank

Voice Bank

A demonstration of how he sings

Killer lad

Aika kei style

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