Shineko (Previously Tsuki Akarine) Its the First UTAU created and Voiced by Miko-Ne. Her creator calls Honeko and "Akward Little thing"


Hair color: Black

Honeko Concept

Eye color: Grey

Headphones: none

Clothes: Wears a sleeveless black shirt , a Black and White Skirt , a black Military style hat with a skull ,Black Arm warmers, Black low heels , and a A Black Spiked metallic ball tied to her right ankle with a chain.

Nationality: Puerto Rican but Japanese Concept

Favorite phrase: Without Music , we are nothing...

Gender: Female

Related Characters: Shourine Neku (same Voicer) , Tsukine Neko (Close Friend) , Rocket4 (Close Friend)

Age: 15

Genre: Anything , Just NO Reggue!

Homepage: UtataneMiko (YT) Miko-Ne (Deviantart)

Weight: 135

Height: 5 ' 5

Birthday: July 12 , Also her release date

Character Item: Anything with skulls

Creator: UtataneMiko (YT) Miko-Ne (Deviantart)

Voice source: Miko-Ne

Likes: Romance Novels , Reading Yaoi , Yaoi , Watching Anime , Reading Manga , ect

Dislikes: People who Judge others for no reason , Haters , anything boring.

Signature Song: None


Shineko is an awkward girl that rarely shows some emotion but she's some one you can count on.she loves reading books , watching anime , drawing and singing. She can be a bit harsh at times but only at first. She can also be a bit bi-polar at times and it is uncertain when her mood is normal. She can get exited over things very quickly but can lose interest fast as well.

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