Honoka Kazuya official art


Hair Color: Purple/greyish purple Nationality/Race: Dutch
Eye Color: Purple/pink Name Meaning : From Japanese 和 (hono) meaning "harmony" (using an obscure nanori reading) and 花 (ka) meaning "flower"

The meaning of the name Kazuya (和也) is Peace, Harmony, Calm.

Clothes: Light pink dress with purple accessories,white thigh high socks, black glasses and small white bows in her braids. Beautiful Art

Other Information

Age: 13
Full body Honoka
Cc53 by aswinartz-dcdwfps

Character item: her Glasses.

Likes: reading, sitting alone and meditating.

Dislikes: Liars, whining people and Spinach.

Tagline : ''It's not bad to dream,

But you also have to consider what's realistic.''

Nationality: Dutch.

Favourite colour: pink

lenght: 1 meter and 58 CM.

weight: 49 Kilo

gender: female

Birthday/day of creation: 28-1-2017

Com honoka kazuya by kyoshuko20-dcdbhlq


Honoka is a very quiet and adorable girl, she is amazing when it comes to 

observing her environment and/or people, she sees EVERYTHING

She loves butterflies they are her favourite.

she loves reading and doesn't like being outside.

when someone lies to her she gets

flashbacks and very upset, because it triggers her PTSD.

her personality is stubborn but very very sweet when it comes to 

people she loves, she is always honest and she has a traumatic 

experience with liars she's diagnosed with PTSD for it, she can be scared

of people because of this.

Design progress 3

Sh's very smart and loves learning new things.

She has a very realistic view on life.

She appears younger than she is.

//NOTE : I put certain things in her personality and creation that are like me, for example i hate spinach and i have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Voice Configuration

  1. -Japanese Only- Her first voicebank is done, oto'ed by : MagicalSpackles on DeviantArt- This voicebank is a more serious lower pitched voice.i called it SERIOUS append. (this voicebank lacks some extra Japanese sounds)
  2. -Japanese + - Second voicebank is done, Oto'ed by Ryan-kun . A more sweet/cuter voice.i called it NORMAL , this is supposed to be her main voice
  3. -Japanese + - 3rd voicebank is done, it's soft and whispery , i called it SOFT append. also oto'ed by Ryan-kun.

Honoka VCV? : I am working on it!

Not available for download yet. sorry.



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