==Injuhana/Ayaka/Hayato Horyuune== (Japanese: 保留音印綬花綾香隼人 - Horyuune InjuhanaAyaka・ Hayato)

Name interpretation:

保留音 (Horyuune) - Purple Willow Sound (Purely because all three of their hair colours are purple)

印綬花 (Injuhana) - Ribbon Flower (Goes on her hair style,with her long pigtails looking like ribbons almost.Also how her skirt flowers out like a flower almost)

綾香 (Ayaka) - From Japanese 彩 (aya) "colour" combined with 花 (ka) "flower" or 華 (ka) "petal". (Flower/Petal because of her flower ribbon identical to Injuhana's.Also because of her hair; the back of her hair is like a flower,petals sprout out from the middle of the flower much like her messy locks)

隼人 (Hayato) - From Japanese 隼 (haya) "falcon" and 人 (to) "person". ('Falcon' because of his hair, It's like a falcon's feathers; Soft.But also because he can be rather hostile to people he doesn't like.)

Gender: Male (Hayato) and Female (Injuhana and Ayaka)
Age: 12 (Injuhana) 15 (Ayaka) and 18 (Hayato)
Birthday: Actual 'birthdays': July 21st (Injuhana),December 29th (Ayaka) and March 13th (Hayato)
Birthday Trivia: July 21st is the birthday of two of the creator's friends,December 29th is a birthday of one of her overseas friends,and March 13th is the birthday of her best friend.
Height: Injuhana: 4ft 12in
Ayaka: 5ft 2in
Hayato: 5ft 10in
Weight: Unspecified
Character food: Blackberry (Hayato), Plum (Ayaka) and Grape (Injuhana)
Voice source: UNKNOWN (Not decided)
Vocal Range: UNKNOWN (No voicebanks yet)
Genre: As above
Likes: Injuhana:

Gardening,ballet dancing and painting


Tree-climbing,streetdance and writing stories


Making games,bike-riding with Yuugure and exploring forests and caves with his sister Ayaka.

Dislikes: Injuhana:

Seeing dying flowers on the side of a path,her clumsiness and snow


Her sister trying to get her to do ballet and summer (It's too hot for her)


Corrupted files or codes and cold water

Pictures: No official art as of now (Coming soon)

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