Hoshikawa Himeko (星河ひめこ)/ nicknamed  Hime-chan (ヒメ-ちゃん) is an utauloid. Her name is derived from the duck himehajiro, explaining her high pitched voice, or from the word hime (princess), explaining she was a princess.

She is the sister of another UTAUloid, Hoshikawa Kazuki (upcoming) and she is released on October 15th and is not longer distributed.


Himeko is a shy girl. She can only open her heart to her siblings (Kazuki) and real close friends, Hime-chan will completely change personality when she's with them. She is a lover of cute things. She is a little bit perverted, though, she likes to see her brother crossdressing. Her hobbies are playing the piano ( with Kazuki playing the violin) and singing. Her most precious item is a little piano musicbox Kazuki gave her on her 14th birthday. Her idols are the boys of VanaN'Ice and Hatsune Miku.


Himeko and Kazuki were the children of a King and Queen. Their little country was attacked by a big neighbouring country when they were 12. They lost the war, and right after the war almost all inhabitans came down with a disease. They died shortly after. Himeko and Kazuki came down with the disease too, but they were saved by a farmer named Hoshikawa from another neighbouring country who had a serum. After he had saved them, he took them in and they lived together since then.   


Himeko's official art is done. She wears a short peploslike dress with sleeves. Her shoes are lolita like shoes with a ribbon. She has long purple/pink hair with one little pigtail on her left side. Her eyes are purple. She has no earphones because her design was meant to be an ancient greek outfit.



Her debut song is "Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa"

-Hoshikawa Himeko- 白い雪のプリンセスは -UTAU cover- +VBdownload04:23

-Hoshikawa Himeko- 白い雪のプリンセスは -UTAU cover- +VBdownload

Full Name Hoshikawa Himeko (星河ひめこ)
Height 156 cm
Age 15
Weight 42 KG
Character items Lollypop
Release date/birthdate 15-10-2014
Estimated Range C4 - D#5 (?) not yet confirmed
Siblings (Twin)brother: Hoshikawa Kazuki (星河かずき)
Gender Female

Himeko's songs

Himeko has covered the following songs:

  1. The Snowwhite Princess is (白い雪のプリンセスは) 15-10-2014
  2. Although songs have no forms (歌に形はないけれど)23-10-2014
  3. The writer's loveletter (文学者の恋文)16-12-2014
  4. Ray [BUMP OF CHICKEN] 27-08-2015

These are made public on Konijntjeslover24's youtube channel.

The songs which are not made public are yet to be uploaded because the art for the video is not finished:

5. Pianissimo

6. Distant Fields (サリシノハラ)

7. Sayonara dake ga jinsei da (さよならだけが人生だ)

8. Odds and Ends

9. Sigh (ため息)

10. Yume Yume (ゆめゆめ)

11. Zoetrope [Yanagi Nagi]

12. Iris~幸せの箱

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