Hoshion Twins (Yoru and Kiri) 
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星音雙子是由兩位繪師-Peppy Lapin(筆名) 與 Catherine Wong 所設計的 

你所見, 圖片中的角色們就是星音霧與星音夜~ 小夜是哥哥, 而小霧則是妹. 

他們分別代表白天與夜晚~ 這對兄妹的性格大不同, 感情卻非常的好 /// 他們

倆才十二歲, 誕生於2020年的12/25號. 身為 UTAULOID 的他們, 當然是機器

人囉! 由於體內有安裝探測光與熱的晶片, 所以髮色也會隨著時間改變~ 在未

來也會好好努力的唱歌, 也希望大家喜歡喔!~  

-English-The Hoshion twins is created by two artists-Peppy Lapin(pen name) and Catherine Wong. As you can see in the picture, the characters are Hoshion Kiri and Yoru. Yoru is the brother, and Kiri is his little sister~~<3

Although the siblings' personalities are very different, they actually get along really well. Both of them are twelve years old, born in 2020.12.25, which is Christmas. As an UTAULOID, of course they're robots~Since that they have a chip inside their body that detects light and heat, it causes their hair color to change over time.  They will continue to work hard and sing in the future, and we hope that you'll like it!~~ 

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