(Japanese: ホタル サブロウ - ほたる さぶろう - Hotaru Saburou)
Saburou (Three; Son)
Hotaru (Firefly)
TYPE: Utauloid
MODEL: 042 - (Appears on her snow shovel and the inside of her scarf)
WEIGHT 125.6 lbs (57 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Snow Shovel (Likes to live in snowy climates) CREATOR Waterkarr/Youkah
HEIGHT 5'5" (165 cm) VOICE SOURCE Waterkarr/Youkah PICTURE LINK LIST DeviantArt
BIRTHDAY December 15th LIKES Winter, Snow, Cold, Snow Cones, Ice Cream, Anything Cold, Antarctica, Alaska, Cookies, Candy, Cupcakes (She loves the cold and she also loves sweets) MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE July 16, 2013 DISLIKES Texas, Heat, Droughts, Summer, Temperatures over 70 Degrees ((She hates anything warm)) SIGNATURE SONG Shaberu to Watashi (The Shovel and Me) (This is about Hotaru and her character item, a snow shovel.)
PERSONALITY: A shy girl, Hotaru loves anything cold. If you get to know her, she can be pretty crazy. If you get her angry, she'll run after you with a large snow shovel and attempt to hit you on the head with it. She loves her shovel so much that if you say something bad about it, such as "That's one butt-ugly shovel," you could end up with a concussion from the really hard blow on the head she gives you.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blonde

Headgear: Earmuffs
Cowardly Montblanc

Hotaru's photo for the song 'Cowardly Montblanc' (Yowamushi)

Eye color: Blue
Earphones: Earmuffs
Dress/Outfit: A blue jacket, a green scarf, a blue skirt, long leggings, and snow boots.
Nationality/Race: Japanese/German
Favourite Quotes: "Oya-tsu watashi no a! Yuki!", "Watashi wa watashi no utsukushi yuki no shaberu, anata o aishite.", "Anata wa watashi ya watashi no shaberu o dainashi ni shite baai, watashi wa anata no atama ga ichinichinoowari made ni jigoku no yona kizutsukerudeshou chikau!"   

Voice Configuration

Hotaru's voice bank out for release!

Hotaru Act 1 - Only supports Romaji

Hotaru Saburou's Voicebank (c) Waterkarr/Youkah

Usage Clause

Hotaru Saburou

Hotaru Saburou

*Don't clam Ms. Saburou Hotaru as your own! (Ex. The character and the voicebank)
  • Commercial usage of Hotaru Saburou is permitted as long correctly credited to Youkah/Waterkarr and you have permission do so.
  • Please, everytime you use her, credit Youkah/Waterkarr in the description of the YouTube/Nico Nico Douga/Any other media place video. 
  • Common UTAUloid rules permit with Saburou Hotaru, too! Don't steal her design, roleplay with her withour permission, steal her voice bank, things like that.
  • Please do not violate any rights or copyright policies using this character.
Hotaru Saburou 1

Hotaru in her desired enviorment

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