Hotonone Iyata is an UTAU who is currently not released and doesn't have any recordings at this moment. His voice provider/actor: Sam Robertson (me :P) is mainly working on his designs and not on the actual voicebanks.

Hotonone Iyata is the main UTAU for Utaune Media, not to be confused with by FT-VOICE (Another UTAU) who is our proud mascot of Utaune Media.

Hotonone Iyata has many different voicebanks. Here is the list of voicebanks of Hotonone Iyata:


-Hotonone APPEND

-Hotonone APPEND Soft

-Hotonone APPEND Dark

-Hotonone APPEND Warm

-Hotonone APPEND Whisper

-Hotonone APPEND Power

-Hotonone APPEND Scream

-Hotonone English

-Hotonone English APPEND

-Hotonone English APPEND Power

-Hotonone English APPEND Whisper

-Hotonone English APPEND Scream

-Hotonone PRIVATE Laughter pack + Cute Voicebank

Most of these are very self explanatory. Hotonone's Scream voicebanks are screamo voices that have unique features. This is that you have powerful screams and whispery growls. These can be used by putting s_ before a sound it will be a very loud, shout kind of scream and if you put in g_ it will be a whisper growl.

Hotonone Iyata has two Private voicebanks only for me and certain UTAU users selected by me. This however only applies to the Cute voicebank, the laughter pack is only for Utaune anime.

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