Irial (2)

Ranazuka Irial (ラナズカ・イリアル)
Ranazuka (ラナズカ) - Rana (ラナ) means wound and zuka (ズカ or 図か) means figure. So, Ranazuka means hurted person.

Irial (イリアル) - Well, it's just a name of a Dark Prince from a fantasy novel.

MODEL: Human
IRINA (his genderbend)
AGE 13 GENRE Emotional rock, dark/gloomy HOMEPAGE -
WEIGHT 50 Kg CHARACTER ITEM Glass-wings headphone CREATOR ツキウタ (Uta)
HEIGHT 163 Cm VOICE SOURCE Check 'Voice Configuration' PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY December 8th LIKES Cat, teasing people, playing game (mostly RPG), sleeping MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE April 25th 2016 DISLIKES Sunlight, mean prank, ghost, running SIGNATURE SONG -
ADDITIONAL INFO: He's actually friendly, but because of his moody personality his gloomy aura makes him not like the one. He's also a little bit tsundere and panic easily.

Design Information

First Design

Dare demo ii kara tsuki aitai-0

IRIAL in "Dare Demo ii Kara Tsuki Aitai"

In his first design, Irial shown as a cheerful person, so different from his current appearance. His personality is also similar with Kagamine Len. In 2014, creator was planning to make a video cover of "Dare Demo Kara ii Tsuki Aitai" (誰でもいいから付き合いたい) using this design, but that time his VB was not done yet. So, it becomes WIP until now //slapped. But, fortunately in 2016 the music cover itself was done and could be heard here.

A scene in (unfinished) "Dare Demo ii Kara Tsuki Aitai" PV

Second Design (Currently)

Irial full badeh done

The second design was created after his VB was 50% done. After trying to made many UTAU cover, the creator realized that Irial wasn't suit for cheerful/happy song because of his flat and gloomy voice. But he's good at shouting even though it's not as powerful as it should be. His cover of Umigatari (うみがたり) and a short version of Leia were like a turning point for his genre of song.


  • Skin tone : Fair
  • Hair : Short blonde
  • Eyes : Red, demon iris like
  • Features : Choker, fingerless gloves, glass-wings headphone, bandages on the arm and leg
  • Fashion style : Rock or casual street style, usually using red-black-blue-yellow combination

More detail can be seen here

Voice Configuration

He only supports Japanese and just has CV in romaji. For now the oto.ini is being repaired.

Sample (short on vocal only) : here


  • His gloomy name was made from the start even though his first appearance and personality is so contrast from current design. But in the end it turns out to be so suitable for him (LOL).
  • If he's alone, his mind will be wondering around and he's starting to imagine himself being a witch or dark prince.
  • The creator tried to make him sounds like human. So, maybe he's not really suit for UST that have many wave(?).

Featured Cover Songs





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