Design Information

First Design (Version 1.0)

In his first design, Irial shown as a cheerful person, so different from his current appearance. He has shorter hair and blue eyes. His personality is also similar with Kagamine Len.

In 2015, creator was planing to made "Dare Demo ii Kara Tsuki Aitai" (誰でもいいから付き合いたい) MV cover, but his voicebank didn't finish yet. So, it was just a plan in the end. (But fortunately, in 2016 the music cover of it was done using version 1.1)

A music cover of version 1.0 is "Torinoko City" (トリノコシティ), which is also his first testing.
Dare demo ii kara tsuki aitai-0

IRIAL in "Dare Demo ii Kara Tsuki Aitai"


A scene in (unfinished) "Dare Demo ii Kara Tsuki Aitai" MV

Second Design (Version 1.1 & 1.2)

The second design was created after his VB was 50% done. After trying to made many UTAU cover, the creator realized that Irial wasn't suit for cheerful/happy song because of his flat and gloomy voice. But he's good at shouting even though it's not as powerful as it should be. His cover of Umigatari (うみがたり) and a short version of Leia were like a turning point for his genre of song.
Irial full badeh done
  • Skin tone : Fair
  • Hair : Short blonde
  • Eyes : Red, demon iris like
  • Features : Choker, fingerless gloves, glass-wings headphone, bandages on the arm and leg
  • Fashion style : Rock or casual street style, usually using red-black-blue-yellow combination

More detail can be seen here

Voice Configuration

He only supports Japanese. His CV voicebank is written in hiragana and romaji, and only have C4 set. The voicebank (version 1.2) can be downloaded here. To bring out IRINA's voice, user just need to put g-15 on the flag.


  • In the beginning, Irial was 13 years old. But after fixing the voicebank, he sounds more mature a bit, so creator changed his age into 15.
  • Irial's gloomy name was made from the start even though his first appearance and personality is so contrast from current design. But in the end it fits him.
  • Irina was made because of "Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~" (秘蜜~黒の誓い~). In this song, Rin (angel), who was rejected by Miku, change her appearance to be Len (human) and reapproach Miku. So, creator thought rather than using another utauloid, it would be more suitable to using 'another' Irial.
  • In case he should singing something out of his range, It's better if he sing something in higher note than lower note.
  • Below this is his voice's state. More or less, this means he's more suitable to high pitch song than the low pitch one, he has clear and quite nice power sound, also his softness and harshness is in balance.
    IRIAL voice state

Featured Cover Songs



【IRIAL】太陽系デスコ (Taiyoukei Disco)【UTAUカバー】

【IRIAL】太陽系デスコ (Taiyoukei Disco)【UTAUカバー】

Byoumei wa Ai Datta (オリジナルMV)【UTAUカバー】

Byoumei wa Ai Datta (オリジナルMV)【UTAUカバー】