Iru ava


IRU (Japanese word: Iru (いる) means "to exist" or "to be" or a living/animate object.)

Gender : Agender

Age : 16

Weight : 54 Kg ( 120lbs )

Height : 160 cm ( 5'3 feet )

Birthday : April 8th

Release Date : April 8th, 2012 ( Easter egg )

Voice Range : N/A

Genre : Electro, Techno, Ballad.

Character Item : Chewing gum / Rubik's cube

Voice Source :  

Related Characters : N/A


Creator :   x Yorune 

Picture link 

Signature song : N/A


IRU doesn't have a headcanon personality. It's up to the user.

Supplemental Information

Hair color : White

Eye color : Heterochromia : right eye - blue ; left eye - green

Headgear : None

Earphones : None

Outfit : big and baggy rabbit sweatshirt. Half white, and half black. Green and blue tighthighs

Others : Black glasses.

Nationality : Unknown.

Voicebank Data

Language : Japanese and Spanish

Encoding : Romaji. Hiragana alias.

Voicebank Type : standard VB. VCV is being worked on.

IRU ver. 1.02

Usage Clause

The author gives full permission to use IRU's pictures, voice and personality in any kind of works as desired by the one depicting it, as long as it follows UTAU rules of usage, and proper credit is given.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice. .

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