THIS VOICEBANK IS NOT FOR DOWNLOAD. This is Ureshii Kokoro's twin brother/polar opposite. Again, I'll have to get around to pounding information out of my brother so I can get our mic back.


Name: Kokoro Ikaru (Eastern-order)

Meaning of Name (Western-order): Ikaru Kokoro= Angry Heart

Gender: male

D.O.B.: 12/21/1991

Age: 22

Blood Type: AB+

Ethnicity: white

Height: 5'11"

Weight 100.6 lbs.

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: mint green

Personality: moody, grumpy, secluded, angry, grouchy, serious

Relations and Acquaintances: Kodomo Byouki, friend; TRAP Oji, friend; Aruno Kiruya, friend; Thresh, friend; ExectLine, best friend; Jorudan Kamiru, friend; Ureshii Kokoro, twin; Shukitsu Shikachi, friend

Likes: nature; outdoor sporting; singing; video games, chiefly first-person shooters; wolves; songbirds; traveling

Dislikes: urban sprawl; hunting; loud, obnoxious noise; friendship drama; smelly socks; jury duty; pessimism

Character Item: mirrored sunglasses

Catch Phrase: "If it's your problem, it's not mine."

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