INAZU KARASE (唐瀬 イナズ)

Inazu Karase or (Karase Inazu) is an UTAUloid voiced by RayRey. Her ACT1 voicebank can be downloaded here!

NOTE: This voicebank has been discontinued. Please do not use it anymore!

Info 唐瀬 イナズ
Gender Female
Language Japanese
Age 18
Voicer's Age 13
Related UTAUs Reyo Karase (sister)
Character Item Chopsticks*
Genre Electronica, Techno, Dubstep*

Supplemental Information

Theme Color(s): Cobalt Blue*

Hair: Light Blond, hip length, never tied up except for a white hair ribbon

Headgear: N/A

Eyes: Cobalt Blue*

Dress: a cobalt blue tube top with deep blue sequins, along with a shortened hoop skirt accesorized by a neon yellow belt. She normally wears a small white ribbon in her hair, along with a lightning bolt necklace she never takes off. Her shoes are cobalt blue platform pumps, with a heel measurement of 7 1/2 inches. 

Race/Nationality: unknown

Catchphrase: "I put Red Bull(c) in my coffee. I CAN SEE SOUNDS!"*

Personality: Inazu's name is shortened from "Inazuma", meaning "lightning". She is very energetic and hyper. She is obsessed with sushi, and if sighted, it will be eaten on target. She also has an obsession with coffee and is known to be unstoppable when she decides to pour a bottle of Red Bull(c) in her coffee. Inazu cannot hold a relationship for very long and is always on the search for new guys.*

Written by RayRey*


Inazu has a very heavily Russian accented voicebank, with just the right kick of tomboyish-ness for a unique voicebank. She doesn't sound like her sister, but hey, all siblings have different voices. Download her ACT1 here!

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