(Japanese: Sakine IOKE - Sakine Ioke)


Name Interpretation: IOKE (Ioke) - None

Sakine (Sakine) - None


Model: 2501 - (On her left leg)

Gender: Female

Voice Range: High

Age: 12

Genre: Soft, Gentle Music

Homepage: Dango's DeviantART

Weight: 106 lb

Character Item: Dango (Candy)

Creator: Dango/IzuraY

Height: 5'7

Voice Source: Dango/IzuraY

Picture Link(s): Waist-Up Concept , Secret

Birthday: June 6

Likes: Anything

Media: Youtube

Release Date: November 13, 2011

Dislikes: Sexuality and Insects

Signature Song: None

Personality: Ioke is a shy girl and a friendly one, too. She is also fun to be around. But if you get her mad, she could get phsyco. Not much information is known about her.

Hair Color: Blue, Black, and Light Purple

Eye Color: Blue

Earphones: Black and Blue (One-sided earphone)

Top: Dark Grey T-Shirt and a lighter Grey on Top

Bottom: Blue Shorts

Nationality/Race: English and Japanese

Personal Quote: Not Yet Known

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