Ito Rini

糸 小兎
Ito (糸) is a Japanese noun meaning "thread; yarn; string",and is also used as a surname meaning "wisteria" in Japan.

Rini- (小兎) is a Japanese uncommon given name meaning "little bunny".

TYPE: Humanoid Cat
Skeli ( Close-Friend)
AGE 8 (15 Humanoid Cat years) GENRE Not defined HOMEPAGE


HEIGHT 145cm VOICE SOURCE Ito Rini's provider is unknown PICTURE LINK LIST

BIRTHDAY February 13 LIKES Tea, Skeletons, Flowers, Cuddling MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE Unknown DISLIKES Dogs, Strangers, Water, Coffee SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: She wears does not have a chosen hairstyle yet, nor does she have an accurate eye color.

Hair color: A light peachy pink.

Eye color: In the images it is usually a deep velvet brown.

Earphones: None, IF she were to have any it would be ones with large flowers sticking from both sides that glow in the dark.

Dress/Outfit: She wears an over-sized sweater with a tea-related pattern found here > She wears unseen shorts that wrap around her upper thighs that wrap around like bandages. She wears knee-socks that have three eyes the line down from opening to closing, and often has flowers either around her right eye, in her hair, or her shoulders. Her feet had shattered while transforming from a cat so she ends up having to float around with feet that give off colored particles.

Nationality/Race: Japanese/Russian/American

Favorite Phrase: "Ehh!?!"

In humanoid cat years, You take the human years age, and find the cat age. Then you subtract by 35 to get the Humanoid Cat age. In actuality this wouldn't be true, you'd actually just take 8 years away from her age which is 48, but sadly I went ahead and made her before I thought of this. xD

  • ((NOTE)) Iko Hini is currently is process of being made a Utauloid, Her Voicebank might take over a month to record all of the Japanese sounds. She is right now a voiceless Utaloid. Please also take Note that I have no help in this so It will take quiet a while.  
  • Finished her Homepage here -
  • I'm not sure, but I believe Hini is possibly the youngest utauloid created. She is but she isn't. Please refrain from telling me that an 8 year-old cannot sing. The fact she is mixed with her Nekoloid allows her to sing in high to low notes accurately.
  • *Notice* I'm updating all her information here. Some above will be either expired or incorrect.
  • I have not started on Ito's voicebank. I'm still gathering information on everything about it. ;) I want to make her voice as accurate as possible.
  • Ito was orignally going to be a normal OC, but I've been wanting to create a Utauloid for a while after hearing Rin and Len Eletric Angel. <3
  • Wondering why It's taking so long? Here's some of your answers too that.
  • 1) I'm actually a pretty young producer. (13 yr.)
  • 2) Learning the basics of getting nice quality on the microphone.
  • 3) I'm intuned to other things besides helping Ito develop her voice.
  • Contact me at Do not message me to only chat, I will mark it as spam and ignore you. I'm more aware than you think.
  • If possibe I'd love to hear some tips from you creators out there! ^^

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